CAK 2.00



cak 2.00 is SBC module with dimensions of 56 x 20 mm, with a AM3358 1-GHz processor Sitara ™ ARM® Cortex®-A8 RISC 32-Bit, 512 megabytes of DDR memory, i2c EEPROM memory, battery backup RTC and a slot for micro SD cards. The basis is the 8-layer PCB board with 42 pins (2.54 mm) with the possibility of inserting directly into napájivého field. The remaining pins (1.27 mm) ports are on the sides of the processor module. It is also possible to connect additional modules directly to the board as a GSM modem, WIFI, Bluetooth and many more.

cak 2.00 supports Linux (Ubuntu), Android, Windows and others. Ubuntu for ARM is fully compatible platform on which to test and develop the same applications on the PC. Simple connection to a PC via USB0 procure power and complete communication with the module. Once connected to the USB module reports as another network element. After setting the IP is given access to files, internet, etc. On the distribution server is running Apache2, uploading a file index can immediately run a web presence with easy access to hardware ports through java script.

cak 2.00 you can program / debug via JTAG interface processor has direct support for booting from external periphery (MMC / SDHC, UART, USB).

cak 2.00 is designed and produced by the manufacturer required parameters (shielding thickness / spacing connections, impedance, PCB material, etc ..). The module was tested at 75% CPU load and the entire RAM for several months without having to reboot. Utilization is useful for testing and prototype production.



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You can see what cak looks like on the screenshot below, breadboard direct insertion :





We are a young team of mostly students, programmers engaged in the development SBC microcontrollers on Linux, ARM processors for the reduction and control modules for drones. Prototype zag 2.00 is based on the seminal work, produced by the Czech Republic. To reduce costs, the modules produced in certified sales companies in China.
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